Friday, August 2, 2013

Erotic Writings

Does anyone else find erotic literature better than video at times? I'm a very imaginative person and while I wholeheartedly love watching porn, sometimes I want to read a good erotic story. Specifically I like the site Wow.

OK, my favorite section is the incest/taboo section. Now I don't have any incest fantasties, I don't want to fuck my mom and siblings. So let me tell you why I like it. So many of the other stories are very impersonal. I mean we all know the sterotypical porn shot, "Plumber shows up to 'fix pipes' and ends up banging the housewife." I just don't find that very fun to read. It's empty. I want the people to have some kind of connection. A story about a friend that has a decade long affair with his friend's wife would be much better. For me though, it still doesn't compare to a story about brother and sister going wild on a camping trip or something like that. That has more "oomph".

Don't call me a pervert or anything. No I'm not a pervert unless you don't have a very open mind. Get over your disgust about the incest stories and read a few. Literotica has user rating for them and you can definitely tell the difference between a 4-star and a 3-star. Night and day. One of my absolutely favorites is a very large series called "Just the Six of Us". It's like 20-something parts with multiple pages to each part. If I'm getting bored around the porn sites (of which I have bookmarked a large number) then I'll flip to Literotica and can basically choose when I want to cum.

Are there other sites you like to read? I mean video category sites are a dime a dozen, but a good story site can be harder to come by.

Do you have any stories you'd like to share? You can post a comment and we'd all love to read. Well, I don't know anyone else reads this, but I'DDDDDDDD like to read LOL.


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