Monday, August 12, 2013


Now I know my titles might not mean much, so I admit to being terrible at coming up with a title for these posts. I've been writing a short story. It's about 8 pages long now. Ok 8 pages may not seem like much to some people, but I don't write. These posts are the only things I've written lately. I'm not a writer. I can come up with some great fantasies for myself but I don't do any kind of real writing. even for fun. When I'm done I'll post the story in parts. I can't upload anything here and I don't really want to post it somewhere else. Any ideas? I'd welcome them for this.

The other night while my wife was giving my a handjob before bed, I was thinking about a time in college. Other than the two girls I've talked about, I didn't really date much. I met a few women here and there, some off the internet, some around town or campus. What I did do a lot of was suck guys off. "Ewwww gross! You're a guy! How could you do that?? Ewwwwww!!" Did you get that out of your system? If not I can wait.




Ok I hope you're done because I don't want to wait anymore. I won't apologize for what I enjoy, and no one I've enjoyed it with has felt the need to apologize either LOL. I'm not the world's greatest blowjob artist, but I really enjoy it and I think that translates into a lot of fun. Luckily, my roommate felt the same way. That's right, I was LUCKY enough to get boarded with a guy that was fine with getting his cock sucked by another guy. No, I never went further with him. I didn't do anything except suck his cock whenever he wanted. I don't remember if I told you I'm a little bit of a slut when it comes to cock. I'll suck pretty much anywhere, anytime.

So the time specifically I was remembering was one night when we were online. Camming had just kind of started (or was just getting popular, or whatever) and he had a woman that liked to cam with him. He had already pumped enough loads into me that we had both lost count, so he knew how much I liked it. I was watching TV and he asked me if I'd suck his dick under the desk while he cammed with her. Well how could I refuse? He pulled off his shorts and boxers and I slid under the big desk. I was sitting on my ass with my legs around the chair legs as he sat on the edge of the chair. He opened up his cam and I could hear him talking to her. Their conversation started off innocently and then got pretty damn hot. he kind of nudged my leg with his foot to tell me he wanted me to start sucking, but I was feeling mischevious. I leaned out and whispered that I wouldn't put my lips on his cock until he got hard. This was hard for me (no pun intended) because he knew how much I liked to feel him get hard in my mouth.

He shifted the conversation a little to blowjobs and she was telling him all about how she liked to do it. THAAAAAAAT got him hard pretty quickly. I slid my tongue up his thickening shaft and felt him groan. She saw him shake a bit and asked what happened. LOL he told her she was getting him hard and he had just touched his cock and it felt that good. She asked to see it and of course he'd show her. He pulled out of my mouth and stood up, swinging his dick for her to see. He put his shaft on the desk, leaving his balls dangling for me. I didn't waste it and turned my head up and sucked on into my mouth, then licking them both vigorously. He sat back and and slid his member right into my waiting mouth as he slid the chair in. I don't know what she was doing of course but I knew he liked it. He rubbed the top of my head as he pretending to jerk off for her. I heard her orgasm start and stroked his cock into my mouth like I knew he liked. I heard her ask him to cum for her and that she wanted to see it all. I panicked a bit. Well OK, not really panicked. I didn't want to miss him cumming though, that's the whole payoff. I loooooooove cum. Especially shooting into my mouth.

He pulled out and as he was leaning over to get up his whispered "don't worry". He pulled his cock up and down for her a few times and then started thrusting and said he was going to cum! Suddenly I heard the cam hit the desk and he pushed his cock into my eager mouth as he exploded. I guzzled it all down with great relish as I drained him. I loved knowing I had taken all his ball juice. He sat down breathing heavily and picked up the cam. He was very apologetic and said his last thrust had hit the desk so hard it knocked over the cam and he couldn't pick it up because he was cumming. She was disappointed but he promised to cum for her again later on. As he was saying this I was busy licking his skrinking cock. He got offline and flopped on the bed, still naked from the waist down. I crawled up between his legs and started sucking his balls and he said he'd need some time before he could give me another drink. I stopped licking and said I'd be happy to wait and laughed.

He did cum for her again later that night. After feeding me of course.

I was nearing my orgasm as my wife's hand was pumping up and down my own cock as I remembered all this. I shot a good 3ft in the air and hit my chest. Reliving old memories always gets me super horny and makes me cum extra hard. She was happy I liked her work so much.

Thanks for reading!

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