Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend Nooner

I meant to write over the weekend but I ended up jerking off every time I was alone with the PC. Sorry. The allure of seeing naked women is too much.

I did manage to find some time alone with the wife to have sex though. She told her sister we were trying to clean and our kiddo was destroying everything after we cleaned it up. If you have kids you KNOW that really happens. So I dropped my little girl off (my sister-in-law is only a couple blocks away) and zoomed back home. I saw my wife's clothes trailing up the stairs... so mine joined hers. The bedroom was dark since the blinds had been drawn, but I could clearly see my wife laying on the bed on her back, rubbing her pussy for me. No invitation needed, I dropped down and started eating her out. I know I should probably say getting a blowjob is my favorite thing since I'm a guy, but really I think my favorite sex act is giving oral. God I love licking pussy. I love everything about it, especially how she writhes as I slide my tongue into her and lick her clit. One of my favorite positions is to lay between her legs and slide my hands under her legs and up around, pulling her to me. That way I can easily put more pressure on her, or squeeze her, or run my hands up her body and play with her nipples and breasts. I brought her to the edge a dozen times or so before finally letting her orgasm explode. She doesn't squirt but was wet enough that I couldn't tell the difference LOL.

I crawled up beside her and sucked on her nipples for a few minutes before rolling over and letting her deep throat my hard dick. Honestly, she doesn't give me too many blowjobs. She's pretty good at it, but apparently I take too long and she gets tired and then frustrated. So I'm trying to get her to understand that she CAN suck me without it being a whole big thing. A few minutes, in my mind, is fucking better then nothing. So she blew me for a bit while I rubbed her. Then I pushed her up and onto her back before pulling her legs together and up against my chest as I thrust into her. We both love that position. Her legs together on my chest so she forms a "L" shape as I fuck her. I can get very deep inside her that way. That day I felt like using long, slow strokes, alternating with bursts of quick short jabs into her. Her steady moans would grow louder and more urgent with each of those bursts. I was pushing so hard I practically pushed her off the bed! I pulled her back though and kept impaling her. I'm not going to sit here and pretend I'm got an amazing gift of stamina or The World's Biggest Cock. I don't and I don't. I'm average sized; 6 to 7 inches. I get bigger the hornier I am. I usually last around 10 minutes or so unless I'm really trying to control myself. My problem is that the more excited she gets, the more excited I get.

Back in the beginning of our relationship I used to be able to give her 7 or 8 small orgasms when we made love. I'd just keep plowing through them as her pussy tightened around me each time. I can't do that anymore. I'm not sure why... Now she has at least one big orgasm during actual penetration. Sometimes I can't even keep going because she's moving around so much! So she had her second orgasm of the day under me. That set me off and I came into her. A lot. This was around 4pm or so and I hadn't jerked off that day. So I was definitely full. Normally I cum a lot, and fill back up pretty quickly. After I finished cumming and the blood stopped pounding in my ears I could hear her almost cooing. Now, about half the time I can keep going and have a second orgasm in a couple of minutes. You guess it, this was one of those times! I pulled her legs around me and leaning over her, using her shoulder to hold her steady as I started fucking her again. She pulled me into her as I pulled back out and pushed into her as hard as I could. I kept up that way for a couple of minutes. Pulling out and forcing myself back into her tight hole as hard as I could. She loves it hard and the harder the better. She came again as I had my second. Certainly not as much as the first for me, really just mostly the feeling and sensations of it. Still amazing though. I fell off her onto the bed as we both tried to catch our breath.

She got up after a couple of minutes and went into the shower to clean up, with me getting in when she got out. My legs still weren't working too well at that point. Then we went to find her a new phone cover LOL. Have you ever wondered which people you see when you go out might have just had sex? Ever? I wonder all the time. I see a woman and wonder if some guy was just entering her from behind, or I see a guy and wondered if he just got his dick sucked by his girlfriend in his car.

On that note I'm going back to work. I might as well get done what I can before I have to jerk off again LOL.

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