Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Last time I sucked...

Since I wrote that last post, I can't stop thinking about the last time I actually got to suck a dick. I know, I know... I'm a pretty happily married man. I love my wife. That doesn't mean I don't want things she can't give me though... Do you think that's wrong? I'd say we have a decent sex life. You know when you're in high school and you imagine what your "sex life" will be later on? The adventure and fantasy? The fun and passion you'll feel? Life's been a little dull on those things lately.

I mean we both enjoy having sex with eachother, but I don't usually see her and immediately want her riding my cock. I know that's a rut. We've been in them before. We've been together more than 10 years now, and married for close to 8. Part of the problem is our daughter. With her medical problems it's VERY difficult to find any time alone during the day. Well, basically impossible without someone watching her who can change her trach. She always needs to be supervised and you have to drop what you're doing to suction her if she needs it. She's not quite old enough to do it herself yet. So we can't really sneek a quickie or a preview of things to come because she's always there. The only time we get is when either my sister-in-law can watch my daughter (we trained her on everything) or when the nurse gets there at night (11pm-7am). My wife doesn't want to just ask her sister to come over and watch the kid so we can go up and have sex. She says she feels really weird about it and can't do it. So we wait until the nurse gets there and I've been up since 7 that morning and going to work and working and coming home and watching the kiddo so my wife can do her own things... So I'm tired at 11! We get upstairs and the wife says something like, "Well I guess we can do it if you want to" or "I'm tired but I guess I can give you a handjob if you want."

I'm a horny guy. If you've been reading, you know I'm a VERY horny guy; but there's just something in her tone when she says those things that makes me just want to go to sleep. I used to jump at the offer of a handjob even if I knew she really didn't want to. I'm older now though, and fuck it I want a partner that's enthusiastic about rubbing my cock. I know she's tired, and we're BOTH tired. We've talked about it before. Actually, I'm retracting that statement. Normally she's NOT tired when we go to bed because she takes a nap when the kid takes a nap. She's usually up until 12am or 1am pretty easily most nights.

So anyway, we still have sex; and the sex is still good. I just want more excitement and writing this blog helps with that. I got a bit off topic didn't I.....

The last time I gave a blowjob was about 7 months ago. I had a friend that had been dumped by his girl a couple of months before that. So 9 months ago is when this started. I took him out to get a drink and of course he started talking about her (I knew he would). I thought it might help him get over her a bit. We're out at the bar and he's going on about how great she was and what he missed. I'm paying attention and can't help but feel like I'm in a movie. It could have come out of any "getting over the girl" scene in a bar. He started talking about the sex and how she'd been holding out the last few months before ending it. Well I don't know about holding out, but I can imagine she wouldn't keep having sex with him if she was going to leave. I asked him if she'd even stopped the blowjobs (he had always maintained her blowjobs were amazing), and he said she'd stopped those even before the sex.

He kind of laughed and said he'd been jerking off so much his hand was starting to hurt. We'd been friends for a few years and he kind of knew about some of the things I'd done. Bits had come up in previous conversations. So I let him talk a bit more about the sex he was missing and I finally asked him if he'd like some help with that. I'm not the smoothest person out there. I can be a little awkward and it's not exactly the most normal thing to ask a friend if they'd like some help with their sex life. Anyway, I said it and he asked what I meant. So I said that he knew a little bit about me and what I liked to do, and that I was offering to blow him (notice I didn't say "if he wanted" LOL). He looked a little shocked! We kept talking and didn't come back to the subject the rest of our time there. I hadn't been drinking anything but soda and I had driven him there. We got back in the car and drove back to his house. I pulled into the driveway and said something about hoping he felt better and that if she wanted to leave then he needed to let her go. He'd find another woman that would give him great head.

He got out of the car and walked with that little tipsy stagger across the driveway. He almost got to the door and stopped, then turned around and walked back. I had stayed there to make sure he at least got inside OK. I may be horny but I'm a good friend. He walked to my side so I rolled down the window. He kind of leaned over and said he'd take me up on my offer. I said, "You mean my offer to suck your dick?" His face was priceless. I had never seen him that embarassed! I thought he was going to turn around and walk away so I said I was sorry and that I'd love to "help him out". I asked him when and he said "Now or I'll lose my nerve." So I texted the wife and told her I'd be a bit later than I thought and that he was really having a hard time. Hahahaha... Got out and followed him inside. I've done this a few times for various friends. I mean I've done a few friends a LOT of times. He looked uncomfortable with the whole thing so I asked him if he wanted to leave his clothes on and watch some porn while I did everything for him. That made him look a little better.

I knew where he kept his porn so I pulled out a movie and put it in the DVD player. He was already sitting on the couch when it came on. The porn started and I was kneeling on the floor between his legs. I ran my hand over his crotch and he jumped. I laughed a little bit and said he needed to just calm down and relax. I'd stop anytime he wanted and wouldn't do anything he didn't want me to do. I rubbed him for a few minutes but he was still as stone. I could see his hands clenching his jeans. I sat back and said, "OK, this isn't working like this. Get up and take off your pants and boxers." He looked at me and I replied "Dude you are just too tense. Trust me." Apparently he did because he stood up and I watched him unbutton, then unzip his jeans. He closed his eyes and pushed them and his boxers down. At first I thought he had a small cock, but then I realized he was average sized with really big balls. It was hard to believe they'd be so big with the amount of stroking he said he'd been doing. Before he had a chance to sit back down I leaned forward and opened my mouth around one of his balls. My tongue flicked out and licked his sack as I held it in my mouth with suction. I felt his cock jump a little bit as I broke suction and started licking all over his balls. I was pretty greedy and noise while my tongue rolled his balls around my mouth.

I pushed him back a bit until he sat down on the couch. He was half hard at that point. I pushed his legs apart and moved between them, quickly licking the tip of his dick. He groaned a little as I engulfed his quickly growing cock with my mouth. I LOOOOOVE feeling a cock get hard between my lips. Good god... He was soon fully hard and I went to work on him. Stroking him slowly and then quickly, and slowly again as I sucked and licked all over his head. He was making a lot of noise and I could tell he liked my work... He even got lost enough in it to put his hand on my head. I'd been bobbing and weaving my head on his cock for about 15 minutes when he started saying he was getting close to cumming. With that big sack I knew I was in for a treat. He pushed his ass off the couch and I pushed down on his cock, taking him down my throat as he started cumming. I milked him with my throat as he came what felt like a barrel-full of spooge. Spasm after spasm of jism shot into my belly. Fuck it was tasty......

After he finished I cleaned his cock and sucked on his empty balls a little while longer. Then I sat back and asked him if he liked it. LOL he said fuck yeah he liked it! He asked when I could do it again for him and I asked him when HE could do it again. I made sure he was really OK with it and he said it took a little while but he got over his hangup. Then he just enjoyed it.

I blew him again the next day, and a couple of times the day after that.... I had his cock in my mouth basically every day for 2 months until he was transferred for work. I met him places to swallow his load, his house, my house, his car, parking lots... I was willing to swallow him pretty much anywhere. I let him pick every place he'd ever wanted to do anything. The last blowjob I gave him was out in my hot tub. I'd installed a TV out there and the wife and a friend of hers were out at some function I forget now. He came over and got in. We were very comfortable with eachother at this point so I didn't waste any time in fishing his cock out of his shorts before stroking it. He always got hard very quickly when I touched him *grins*. I pulled him over to me and sucked him into my mouth. He got into my rhythm and was soon fucking my face. I didn't even try to bob at all, I just let him fuck my mouth. Early on I had learned how to deep throat, so now he could thrust all the way into me. He used my mouth for a good 10 minutes before pulling out so he could watch himself cum in my mouth. I opened wide and lapped the bottom of his head before he exploded. Emptying his full balls for me drink. He pumped my face a couple more times before sitting down heavily. We talked about him leaving and he said he'd really miss me blowing him. He got horny enough that I ended up blowing him again before the wife came home LOL. He sat down and I blew and stroked him underwater that time. I stroked him underwater and we both watched him cum. Watched his cum shoot out of his head in what looked like slow motion. Then I pulled him out of the water and licked him clean, plus making sure I dudn't miss any cum *wink*. The wife got home a little while later and we all had dinner.

So that was the last blowjob I gave. I miss doing it.

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