Monday, July 22, 2013

My morning and ramblings

When I woke up this morning I was planning on writing about the dream I had last night. Ohhhh it was a good one. I woke up around 5am, rolled over on my side at the edge of the bed and came. That's right, you read that correctly. The dream was good enough that it brought me right to the edge of cumming. I didn't even stroke myself, or touch myself AT ALL.  Just rolled over and exploded. Luckily I didn't wake my wife up LOL. That would have been a little awkward since the dream wasn't about her....

I decided not to write about that though. Instead I'll write a dissertation on the eating habits of Madagascar's own... Just kidding. I don't really care about eating habits of anything to which I am not talking. You might have an inkling about this already, but most of my day is spent trying to not think about sex and usually failing at that. I almost wish I wasn't horny all the time. That's a lie. I like being horny; even if I'm not sticking my dick in something. Being horny gives me energy. HAH! It's like someone sticking a big fucking 120V battery up my ass and powering me through the day. What do people who aren't horny do? How do you all function? I remember a day last month that I wasn't horny. It was terrible. I think I was so tired that I didn't get a single hardon all day. So not only was I tired but I was also miserable. Any guy knows how much fun it is to squeeze your hardon. I mean sometimes you can't just whip it out and stroke, but a good squeeze feels pretty damn good.

An old g/f asked me once what it was like to be hard and flex my cock. If you're not familar, flexing is contracting the kegel muscles to make your johnson bounce up and down. I didn't really have an answer for her. I mean how would you describe that? Or for you women, how would you describe feeling something slide into you? It's really difficult! One of those "you just have to feel it" things. Well I was thinking about it for some reason last night and I think I finally have an answer. Not unexpectedly, I was doing both of these two things at the same time. OK here goes: flexing my hardon feels like getting up after sitting in a chair for hours and giving a big stretch. That's it for me. That feeling that extends from your back to all your extremeties. That's how my dick feels. Doneso.

You might be thinking that all I do is think about sex, and that the only purpose of my writing is to write about sex. Well you're partially right, in a way. I wanted to write to get down what I was thinking. Not to write about sex for sex's sake, but to get my thoughts down. It just so happens that most of my thoughts, musings, or remembrances have to do with sex. Now I don't aim to make people feel uncomfortable. I'm not "that guy". So I don't BLATANTLY stare at women's boobs. I do look however. A lot. I would never check out your rack while I was talking to you. That's rude and disrespectful. That's not my goal. I would happily observe them while you weren't looking though. I'm sorry if that makes me sound like a creep. I don't think it does. I don't leer, or make remarks, or expressions... I just enjoy your natural curves. I love boobs. It's funny though, I don't really like the word "tits". I think "tits" sounds a little degrading. Weird right? I mean I could watch breasts all day long, but not once think of them as "tits". The word doesn't offend me or anything, and I like hearing women say anything about their boobs so I wouldn't complain about a woman using it; I just don't like using it myself. I'm an odd guy. Back to trying to work.

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