Friday, July 19, 2013

In the beginning...

I decided to start writing again. Why? Because I fucking wanted to. I've got shit in my head and I'd like to get it out of there. I was writing a while ago and then stopped. I'm not really sure now why I stopped, but it must have made sense at the time.

There's a show called Black Adder. Watch it bitches, it's funny as hell. Well I watched an interview with one of the creators, Richard Curtis. He said they learned that you should never have a first episode of anything than has any explanation or setup in it. You should jump in like the viewer has been watching all along. I know I've already broken that with this post, but I'm not going to tell you anything else about me here. I'm a blank slate as far as you're concerned. You'll get to know me though. Far better probably than almost anyone else I imagine. All I'll say is that this isn't my real name, and neither are any of the others. They've been changed to protect the "at least mildly innocent".

I figured I'd link back to my older blog. I wanted to start a new one but I thought someone might be interested in the old one anyway. There's not THAT many posts there, so you might as well read it from the beginning if you're going to read it at all. I reread it and I'm sorry for the grammar and spelling errors. I must have been typing one-handed again.

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