Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Stupid people

Sometimes I'm shocked by the stupidity/ineptitude of my coworkers. I hold to the belief that if you're put in charge of something then you should understand the thing of which you are in charge. That's logical right? No one would put me in charge of Accounting. I'm not an accountant. I wouldn't know what to do. Yet I see people around me involved in areas they know nothing about, and are basically to stupid to really understand. I use "stupid" to also mean lazy, ignorant, unambitious... I want to feel like it's their fault. I hold people responsible for their actions or inactions, and telling your boss "hey, I have no idea what this is or what you want me to do" is an action. Not telling your boss that you don't have a fucking clue is an inaction. See what I did there?

It just pisses me off. Especially when they come to me because they don't understand it. I ask, "have you looked at I hear they have a lot of monkeys typing information there..." They look at me blankly and I can see the shape of their souls. They're sheep. Cattle. Ready to be led down the slaughter chute. I just don't understand it.

I'm getting a little short on time. I've got a meeting coming up. Wellllllll more of a working meeting. What I'd REALLY like it to be is a meeting where I get to shove my cock up Kristin's ass. She's an assistant with a very nice ass. *laugh*

My memory of the day.... Let's see. Oh I have one for you. So the old g/f Michelle and I were alone in my apartment. We had just come in from a movie. Now she was short. 4'11 short. Luckily, when I was kneeling that put her full breasts right at eye level. So I dropped down and took advantage of that! Wouldn't you? Damn I wish I had a picture of her still that I could post (head dropped or blurred of course). So we're making out and I'm alternating between running my tongue over her thick nipples and licking her own tongue. Her pants come off and I don't have to go down too far before I'm eating her out. Her back against the wall, right foot planted on the ground with her left leg dangling over my shoulder as I glide my teasing tongue over her increasingly wet pussy. This was before we had actually had "penile penetration" LOL so I didn't get to fuck her. I did give her two very good orgasms. I can only tell they were good because of the screaming and her ending up slumped over my back. I carried her to the bed and turned her into a 69 with me on top. Even though I couldn't fuck her pussy, I did do a fair job of taking her mouth. We both loved that. With her being as excited as she was I didn't last long. Sometimes that can be an issue with me. The more excited the girl gets, the more excited I get. I really have to try hard to calm down or I'll blow after one or two strokes lol. Well this time that didn't both me and I didn't want to COMPLETELY crush her. So after giving her a third orgasm I came down her throat. Now I don't expect a woman to love or enjoy swallowing, I think it's a huge turn-on and a very pleasant surprise, but I'd never force her to do that or ask her to if I knew she didn't like it. Luckily Michelle did heh heh heh. She drained me and then we rolled over onto our sides and she kept sucking me until I was soft. We laid there for a few more minutes before she had to go. Memory complete *wink*

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