Monday, July 29, 2013

That reminds me...

I was driving down the road yesterday and I had a very vivid memory come through my head all of a sudden. I was back in college dating Michelle and Kristi. I was driving Kristi home one night after we had watched a few movies at my apartment. Because of her disability she couldn't drive, do her mom dropped her off. Incidentally, her family really liked me. Her mom took me aside one day and thanked me for beign her daughter's friend. I was touched by it and said something about being the one that was honored with the friendship and something else about what an amazing woman her daughter was. I did NOT mention that her daughter loved sucking down my cum at every opportunity. That would have been in bad taste... *hyuck hyuck hyuck* Get it?

Back to the recollection. So we had been watching a few movies. That's code for "we watched about 40 minutes of the first one and then she wanted to pump my cock." So I had already given her a big drink.

The drive to her house took about 30 minutes or so. It really wasn't take far but you know how traffic and lights and 35-40mph roads are. We were about 10 minutes in and had been talking about something going on that weekend when she leaned over sideways and started rubbing my crotch through my pants! Now I'm not a skinny guy and there's no way someone's head is going to fit between me and the steering wheel, and she could obviously see that. So instead she kept right on stroking me, getting me harder and harder. Telling me things that she wanted me to do to her and how much she had been wanting to blow me in the car. Soft to fully hard in 2.6 seconds LOL. Beat that Jaguar! We pulled down the street to her house and I had to slow down to match the speed limit. Lucky thing I did too. There was a cop just a few hundred feet after the turn. Kristi didn't stop jerking my shaft though. She started begging me to cum for her and saying how much she loved tasting my spunk. The feeling was amazing and I knew I wouldn't last long. Her words got to me and pushed me to a whole other level of excitement. I slowed the car to a crawl; just letting the normal rolling speed move us. I told her I was almost there and ready to cum as I turned the car into her driveway. She pulled herself over a little more and put her mouth as close to my tip as she could. 20 feet from stopping and I shot my second load that night. God it was amazing. She aimed me perfectly and 3 hard shots hit her square in the mouth. She swallowed them quickly and the next 2 hit her chin and nose. I only know that because she brought her head up after that. 20 feet and suddenly she had my cum on her face. She used her other hand to wipe it into her mouth and licked her fingers clean. She jerked me several more times to make sure I was empty before licking that hand clean too. Then we were stopped. No one was looking through the windows. We had made it safely. She kissed me and thanks me for the delicious mouthfuls LOL. I got out and got her wheelchair set up outside her door. She slide into it and rolled up the ramp to the front door.

I watched her until she was inside and then I drove back home and took a shower. I might have also jacked off in the shower remembering that night.

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