Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I keep forgetting to add a title

So I've said before that none of the names I'm using are real. That's true, but the first letters of the names ARE real. That way I can keep things straight.

I loved high school. I had a great time. Well obviously if you read the last post you know what I did a lot of LOL, but I did more than that. I bring it up because recently I've been talking to an old high school friend. Now I had a MAJOR crush on this girl all four years. Like most sad teenage guys, she was one of my best friends and I never actually got the courage to ask her out. We went to prom together but it was really as friends and nothing else. I'm almost positive she didn't think of me as anything other than a very good friend; and that's OK. I mean I don't have to like it but I try to stay positive, you know? So anyway, we've been talking a lot.

Now my wife isn't thrilled about this. We had a conversation and it actually made me quite angry. She knows that I had a crush on this girl, Diane; but that was over a decade ago! It's not like I'm going to drop my wife and move out with Diane. I told Jackie that and she said she believe me, but apparently I can get a little flirty and she was worried about that. At first I was telling Jackie what Diane and I talked about and how Diane was doing, but now I don't. I don't tell her anything about it and I don't feel bad about that. I don't really care if Jackie talks to old friends, or new ones, or anyone. I trust her and don't worry about it.

So do you think that's OK? Am I wrong? Jackie and I have shared fairly intimate details, but not in a romantic fashion. Mainly she's in a rough/awkward situation with her ex and we've commiserated over our relative horniness levels LOL. .....I did give her this link..... Well Diane, if you're reading this then I hope it doesn't make you mad. I did say I had to write, and you're part of my life as I see it. Obviously if any of you have been reading, you've found it pretty obvious that sex is all over my mind, all the time. I like talking about it, and writing about it. I said Diane and I shared some intimate details of our lives, and we have; but I don't want to take it so far that she gets uncomfortable. Anyone got any ideas? For instance, one day I told her I had already "relieved some stress". That got the point across that I had already jerked off and cum lol. She reciprocated with the little nugget that she had a date with her vibrator the night before. Now being the normally horny guy I am, what do you think that did to me LOL? 1) I immediately imagined that happening. 2) I got semi-hard. 3) I did not tell her either 1 or 2. I don't know if that's too much or not... I don't feel awkward sharing that, or sharing it with HER, but I would feel really bad if I made her feel weird about talking to me or anything like that.

I mean I like her. Well I've always liked her. No, I don't have any hidden fantasy that we'll run off together or anything like that. I'm not "waiting" for her. No matter what she'll always be my friend, even if we don't talk for another 10 years. If I never see or hear from her again, I'll take her friendship to my grave. Assuming I have a grave and don't get vaporized. I do thoroughly enjoy her naughty talk though. Anyone, am I wrong? This would be a good time for one or two people to stumble on this "diary" and share their opinions... I don't care if it's a fake name or not. I'm tired already of seeing "no comments" *smiles*. I'm trying to stay up for another two hours to switch over my daughter's feeding. I'm going to jerk off the whole time or I'll fall asleep. Night!

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