Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I've mentioned in a few posts that I'm not sure if anyone reads this. I've got what I think are real pageviews (not spam views) but no comments. Now I don't want people to comment to please me, but SOMETHING would be nice. It would be nice to know that something I do matters to someone, you know? This last week I've seemed to just float through the days and nights, just existing. It's really starting to piss me off. Maybe I should quit my job and move somewhere else. You know those people who get excited about junk mail because someone has a list with their name on it? I'm starting to feel like that.

Today I turned off all the lights in my office and worked in the dark. After the third person said, "Wow it's dark in there, how can you work" I almost turned them back on. I thought "Fuck them" instead. It's my goddamn office, I'll do what the fuck I want with it.

Do you like stories? All you faceless computers out there? I've been trading a story back and forth with a woman I talk to. Each time we reply we have to add on to the story a little bit.So it's both of us writing it and we have to pick up where the other left off. I thought it was a really cool idea, plus it gives me an insight into how/what she's thinking. Always good.

I don't even feel horny. I was looking through ebaumsworld.com under some of their galleries and didn't even get a rise out of the more naughty pics. Nothing. Maybe I have low testosterone. I doubt it. I'm a hairy fucker. Well I'm going to fuck off now.

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